Top 10 Amazing Facts About Tantric Sex

Although at first glance, sex and spirit have nothing in common, the truth is exactly the opposite assertion. Sex is an intimate experience after which, even if only temporarily, there is a unique connection. Tantric sex can be viewed from this perspective, namely a deep connection to a spiritual level that both partners can obtain sexual pleasure. Believe it or not, there are several little-known but amazing facts about tantric sex that we ought to know.

Sensuality, passion and desires are unique dynamics of a particular couple. That is why the prospects of sex are adapted depending on the personalities of the partners. Therefore, the expression of tantric sex can be replaced, for example, with spiritual sexuality. This requires more than the usual sexual contact and it is rather a multitude of factors.

10. For Deep Connections, Give Up Selfishness

Facts About Tantric Sex

Of course, such a rule can be applied in all aspects of life but it is equally important in terms of quality sex. When two partners are involved in it, what each of them needs is important and none of them has priority over the other.

9. Union Of Two Personalities, Not Just Bodies

Facts About Tantric Sex

Among the little-known facts about tantric sex, passions, pleasures and even habits of everyone is a part of the personality. Each part will be reflected in sexual behavior. Therefore, it is important to realize that during sexual union does not take place only at the anatomical level, but also mentally. Ideas, talents and culture from which both partners must be taken into account and respected to achieve a deeper level of intimacy.

8. The Act Begins And Ends With A Discussion

Facts About Tantric Sex

In no situation in the world will not welcome strangers then will toss her clothes. Even when it’s a one-night stand, the two partners will have a conversation that will try to know, to find out who and what is the other, and to express their own desires. Moreover, the conversation that gets erotic connotations may be the beginning of a prelude.

7. There Is No Ideal Time

Facts About Tantric Sex

This is among the most beneficial facts about tantric sex. The last thing you should do when you’re in such an intimate connection with someone is to keep an eye on the clock. Some of us need a longer period of time, attention and tenderness while for others, the spiritual connection can take place in minutes. Therefore, the notion of time must be left at the door.

6. Dress Ritual

Facts About Tantric Sex

Many of us associate the word “ritual” with a religious approach but that's not always the case. In one of the most amazing facts about tantric sex, ritual can consist of touching between the two partners, maybe even choose the clothes they wear and the atmosphere that the two are creating together through music, scents and candles.

5. It's An Expression Of Generosity

Facts About Tantric Sex

So says the first rule of sensuality, spiritual connection between the two partners can not be built by selfishness, but on the contrary, the generosity. Regardless of sex or relationship during each of the two partners must offer him and other same pleasure they feel.

4. Admiration And Appreciation For The Partner

Facts About Tantric Sex

As I said, one of the most amazing facts about tantric sex, is that each of us comes with unique personality. This is true for bodies as well. The two partners must appreciate the body that joins in this connection, to realize her uniqueness and to appreciate the beauty individual part of his being.

3. Sex Involves Respect

Facts About Tantric Sex

Throughout history, sexuality has been perverted in pleasure from an easel of subjugation. That is why people get labels painful depending on sexual behavior. As long as two adults consenting to this, sex has nothing wrong and nobody should be judged according to his preferences. Therefore, born spiritual connection during sex must be completed and require respect for the body and partner’s soul.

2. Each Of Us Must Be Adored

Facts About Tantric Sex

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans personified love and sexuality goddess Aphrodite or Venus. It is said that one of the many Greek islands, people have a statue of the goddess in its emptiness and splendor that came here to honor her and to ask her protection. Just as the Greeks worshiped the goddess image, people must deal with the adoration and respect for the person will get in touch intimately.

1. It's Part Of Us

Facts About Tantric Sex

Because it is something so natural, pleasant, the connections which can lead to such profound experience should be accepted as something normal. Therefore, embarrassment and shame must be excluded from sexual life not only for the two partners to know each other better but to can be prevented unpleasant situations.

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